Johannes Norlander (1974) studied architecture at Chalmers and KTH in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and graphic design at Stockholm's Konstfack. Between 1996 and 2001, Norlander ran a primarily design-oriented practice. As a designer, he has developed pieces for Asplund, Nola, Collex and HAY. In 2004, Norlander established Johannes Norlander Arkitektur.

The practice's first architectural projects were private houses – Älta (2008), Tumle (2009) and Morran (2010). Since 2010, the office has seen the design and construction of two apartment buildings, and won larger-scale commissions like Annex – an addition to Gothenburg's school of economics.

The process within the practice is rigorous – never departing from a focus on detail, while working toward layered and multivalent architectural entities. A will to relate to – and mediate – an extended cultural context is at the core of Norlander's work. Smaller-scale projects, teaching and research are crucial elements of the practice. The interplay of projects constitutes a continuous, developing dialogue.

Ort: Raum 1180 - 1.OG, Hauptgebäude, Treppenhaus Süd
Zeit: 19 Uhr